Building an Online Business Shouldn't Be a Tech Nightmare

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Is tech slowing down the growth of your business?

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed by the tech side of building an online business?

Do you find yourself spending hours trying to figure out how to set up a website, create effective funnels, or master email marketing? 

It’s frustrating when you’re passionate about your business, but the tech side is holding you back.

You shouldn’t have to struggle with tech nightmares to achieve your online business dreams. Let me help you simplify the process and save you time and stress!


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I'm Virginie

Web & App Developer, mama of 2 very cute dogs and married to my wife Natacha 😍

For me business = freedom and that’s the reason why I love running my business and helping others do the same.

I believe in dreams more than I believe in reality 🪄 because our dreams of today can be tomorrow’s reality!

Let’s make it all happen 💜

What kind of help do you need?


Learn and implement tech tools on your own.

Get everything done for you, tailored to your needs.

Say Goodbye to tech roadblocks and Hello to Business Growth


E-commerce / Payments

Email Marketing


Automations / Evergreen

Online Courses

Web & Mobile Applications


other tools I Love!

Imagine waking up to a day where building and growing your online business is a breeze ✨

You have the right tech tools at your fingertips, and using them is easy and effortless.

You feel confident and in control, knowing that you can either tackle the tech yourself or leave it in my hands for a stress-free experience.

I genuinely care about your success and I’m excited to be a part of your journey towards achieving your dreams.

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